if you have a problem, try to write it

i always say to people, that if you feel dizzy, got some kind of troubles, stuck in a problems, try to write it down. though i’ve seen the expression of their reaction’s weird. but this isn’t about them right now.it’s about me. i don’t feel stuck though the fact is i’m stuck. here’s the story. actually i should do and finish my final assignment but the problem is i am not sure that this final assignment can go through. yes i’ve passed the title presentation. with a little blabber i guess. but that’s the point. imma kind of find out that my Ass is not a valid one. i know. it’s dangerous. its extremely dangerous. but i don’t know. that’s why you always see me hanging around without any meaning.my Ass is a disaster.

if you still dont understand, maybe i give u a bit information of how i stuck :
my basic foundation of all theory that construct the main idea of my ass is equal with ZERO or you can say IT DOESN’T EXIST!!and what i can tell you, everytime people asking it, all i can do is just smile.. great what a great idea!!
the point is i dont want them to know this, they’ve already their business dont disturb.
back to the topic… my idea is to find another way to solve some problems (this problem is about language, that’s all u have to know)
and someday i’ve found the key, the solution to solve it (the language problems), just say that i thought i could do this (the problem solving) and this could go on(the methode, the problem solving, and then this could become on TITLE of an Ass)
bla bla bla et cetera et cetera et cetera i dun think i should explain the details.the conlclusion is, at the end, i figured out that it has a very big lack.the methode used is applied to a language, and you can just translate it if u want to apply it in another language.great what a great mess!!

it’s language, not calculation, optimization, or whatever you name it.shit!!one more thing, i dont think tellin somebody this kind of shit is gonna give me some help. i’m more than a million percent sure that if i tell the story to the lecture, it just drown me more deep to the big deep of shit. i think it’s already clear here… good, now it’s time to tell this to the world.. huff

in another word, my problem is i can’t hardly know the answer of the question : “how could you use that methode?? where does that come from?? are you just translate it without any structured and organized discipline??what kind of a disaster are you??”


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